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Street Art Jam, Camberwell Arts Festival 2019

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Respublica teamed up with the Camberwell Arts Society on their 25th anniversary and the Black British Artists Collective to throw a truly memorable party!

An incredible live art showdown – unleashing colour and creativity in a hidden corner of Camberwell. Combining live art with street sounds, it’s a chance to make art and party alongside some of London’s best emerging street artists, led by the super talented Carleen de Sozer.

The event took place on the Valmar Trading Estate (entrance between 42-44 Denmark Hill), the site of Respublica’s proposed new arts hub and arts-inspired hotel for Camberwell. Including a rooftop gallery, art studios, co-working spaces and 47 new homes, this carefully curated space will provide a spectacular showcase for local artists.

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